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What is Sway?

Sway is a compact all-electric vehicle that provides the thrill and maneuverability of a motorcycle with an added degree of safety and utility.

Sway's patented tilting system allows unparalleled handling on crowded city streets, the ability to carry heavy loads and unbalanced cargo and greater stability on loose and uneven surfaces or rain-slicked roads.

Somewhere between skiing and motorcycling, the feeling is unique, but easily learned. Once it is learned, riders enjoy the most responsive, dynamic and thrilling small vehicle on the road.


Sway Trike - Easy to Park
  • Fits in motorcycle parking
  • 50% more braking capacity
  • Keep feet up at a stop


Sway Trike - perfect for two

Attention grabbing form-factor gets
noticed wherever it goes.


Sway Trike - Ideal for city commutes

It's not just about getting there --
It's about smiling the whole way!

Sway is currently in Beta

We are accepting $100 deposits to reserve your place in line for our initial production.
Final pricing is estimated and subject to change. Delivery is scheduled for 2016.

Sway Motorsports product shot

Line Drawing of Electric Sway Trike

Sway Lithium

Powered by a high quality LiFePo4 battery pack for superior performance and longevity.

72v LiFePo4 Battery
5kw PMAC Hub Motor
SWAY Tilt Control
Onboard Charging
300w Controller
3 Disc Brakes
LED Lighting
Optional Locking Helmet Trunk

Range: 40 Miles
Speed: 55mph
Recharge: 3.5 Hours
Fast Charger: 2 Hours

Length: 60"
Height: 45"
Width: 35"
Weight: 220lbs

Sway Lithium-PLUS

Twice the battery capacity as Sway Lithium for highway speeds and longer range.

96v LiFePo4 Battery
8kw PMAC Hub Motor
5.6kw LiFePo Battery
SWAY Tilt Control
Onboard Charging
300w Controller
3 Disc Brakes
LED Lighting
Optional Locking Helmet Trunk

Range: 60 Miles
Speed: 75mph
Recharge: 6 Hours
Fast Charger: 3 Hours

Length: 60"
Height: 45"
Width: 35"
Weight: 250lbs

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How is Sway different from other three-wheeled motorcycles?

The main difference is that on a Sway, riders have direct control of vehicle tilt with their legs, through the patented linkage design. This allows the vehicle to be operated in a totally distinct manner from a motorcycle or a Piaggio MP3 -- Sway can turn tighter, and riders don't have to balance the vehicle or put their feet down at a stop.

The direct control of tilt with the legs, along with a slightly wider footprint, means that Sway offers riders greater stability in low-traction conditions such as snow, mud or ice.

I want a Sway but a scooter is cheaper -- Why should I buy a Sway?

Our experience is that people who ride a Sway quickly become comfortable with it and strongly prefer it to a two wheeler. The experience of riding a Sway is totally unique - Several of our early adopters are not scooter riders at all!

We're only pre-selling 300 for 2015, so we suggest you reserve your Sway with a $100 deposit, then try one out at one of our Demo Days to see if it works for you. We're so confident you will want it after riding it, that if you change your mind at that point, your deposit is fully refundable -- We'll even pay the processing fee ourselves.

Do I need a motorcycle license to ride a Sway?

This will vary by municipality -- We recommend you check your state laws surrounding three-wheeled electric motorcycles before deciding if Sway is right for you.

In California and Delaware all you need is a drivers license to operate a Sway!

Electric Trike from Sway Motorsports